About Us

About Classroom Movers

An easy way to incorporate daily bursts of physical activity into your school timetable to improve pupil behaviour, fitness and learning.

Classroom Movers is a series of short videos containing physical activity workouts which are hosted on a website, where all your pupils will need to succeed is their chair.

What are the benefits?

  1. Improvement in pupil behaviour using engaging activities that help pupils focus during lessons
  2. Improved fitness levels of pupils is an effective use of Sports Premium funding
  3. Improve academic outcomes by stimulating the brain to be ready for learning

Physical activity programme shared electronically in the classroom that uses evidence based and age group appropriate exercises set on and around the child's chair. These activities take only 5-minutes each time and are scheduled for key times during the day to motivate, inspire, challenge and engage primary school children that will develop positive learning behaviours during subsequent lessons and beyond.

Exercises are grouped in workouts delivered on a shared screen or electronic device via the user friendly member’s area on our website. Each workout lasts 5 minutes inclusive of preparing the chair for activity, appropriate warm up, main activity, calming cool down and resetting the chair ready for learning. We prescribe 3 workouts per day (morning, mid-morning and after lunch), with extra material available for schools wishing to do more.

These workouts are extremely fun to take part in as children will be led through the workouts by two 11 year old fitness models and a voiceover who will give instructions on how to complete the movements and what is coming next. Instructions will also appear in writing on screen. We measure completion rates of workouts, so classes will be rewarded for good behaviour (completing all workouts in a week) and have the chance to compete against another class in their school, and even another school with our ‘Classroom Movers Exercise Points’ or CMEPS system - the more workouts completed, the more points awarded!

  • Exercises have been developed based around the physical needs of the primary school age group, with gamification to bring them to life
  • Chair based exercise means no hassle in getting changed and booking the school hall in advance
  • Teachers have to do very little other than click 3 buttons
  • Activities help children concentrate and be ready to learn afterwards (some workout instructions are complex - on purpose)
  • Secondary schools are a target, just not yet. We need to understand how to engage the older primary school children effectively first
  • Videos are hosted on Vimeo and fed into the member’s area of the website
  • Schools progress through their workouts weeks from week number 1, regardless of when they become a customer of ours. They then complete the remaining weeks in numerical order (they are not calendar or financial weeks)
  • Audio visual instructions on screen to suit a broad audience
  • Children fitness models to inspire that age group. Adults doing it is creepy.
  • We can measure percentage amount watched per workout and measure how many workouts each account has completed and give automated rewards based on this information.
  • We want promotion good behaviour by tapping into intrinsic motivators - getting better at something and being rewarded for doing well